Spotify acquires music AI startup Niland

Spotify acquires music
Spotify has acquired a Paris-based machine learning and music artificial intelligence startup called Niland. Spotify announced on its website, saying that AI can be instrumental in improving music search and recommendations.
However Spotify its competition with Apple Music to provide the most accurate and refined recommendations to users. The Niland team will join Spotify’s New York offices and work on refining search and recommendation tools. The Niland acquisition will improve Spotify and compete with Apple Music.
Niland with AI technology can make more effective in music search and recommendation capabilities and shares. Spotify is strong for surfacing the right content to the right user at the right time. Spotify and many other services currently use something called collaborative filtering, which consists of analyzing public sources of information, such as blogs, to find when multiple artists, albums, or songs are referenced in the same context.
Niland works by extracting meaningful information from raw music content and then forming those connections with other artists.
Last month, Spotify acquired a small startup called Media chain as it works to improve its royalty payments to creators.