Control new DJI mini-drone with hand gestures

dji mini drone

One needs a good practice to fly a drone as it has lot to learn. It’s not a kids’ play.

DJI, the well-known drone manufacturer has unveiled a new way to do it on Wednesday. It has come out with a new model of mini drone that can be flown and controlled via hand gestures.

It can be easily maneuvered by waving your hands for different actions like take off, go higher or soar, land it.

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It has been named as Spark. It is expected to be available on shelves in June at a price tag of $499. It was debuted at a media event in New York, where whatever was claimed by DJI, it worked flawlessly. In demo tapes it showed drone being easily controlled by different hand gestures.

But with the help of gestures, the Spark can only fly within 10 feet. The idea is to use the tiny drone, which weighs less than a can of soda, for things like selfies and group shots, from above.

At the same time using the DJI Go app on a smartphone, the Spark can fly up to 100 yards away, and with a remote control (which along with a carrying case and extra battery brings the total cost to $699) you can fly the Spark up to 1.24 miles away. Whereas the other model Mavic Pro from DJI can fly up to 4 miles but that costs almost double.

The Spark has an image sensor slightly larger than a cellphone camera, can shoot up 1080p HD video and 12 megapixel photos. It has a 2 axis gimbal stabilizer, which means it shouldn’t be as steady as the 3-axis gimbal on the Mavic Pro, but DJI said it had built-in software to further steady the image.