Scientists develop new tool to evaluate oil spills

Oil Spill on Beach

Scientists developed a tool at Florida International University to know the level of oil spills in the oceans because when any accidents occur to the container ships that destroy the aquatic species.

The New tool could clean up oil spills in the future. Officials will have more and better information.

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According to the researchers, officials be able to predict toxicity of spilled oil. And how far it might travel and how long it would likely stay in the environment.

Furthermore, studying internal crude oil composition down to their molecular level, we can better understand how it interacts with the environment.

In addition this may lead to better stop oil spills and more efficient environmental policies. Traditional processes have mainly inadequate scientists to information related to the mass of crude oils.

Developing Tool

The new tool combines techniques allowing scientists to equally examine crude oil molecules by mass, size and shape. Without considering the need of lengthy sample preparation and separation steps.

Finally by combining techniques, the researchers have developed a new analytical tool that can be used for more than just oil spills. Scientists can use it to study other contaminants in diverse water and land environments.

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The ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) techniques developed by Fernandez-Lima in collaboration with Bruker Daltonics Inc. Fernandez-Lima has been involving new methods use of combined technique for a change in environmental and biomedical applications since 2010.

With oil accounting for a large percentage of the world’s energy consumption, accidents with drilling, production and transportation are always a possibility. Improved remediation techniques are always the goal.