Dubai’s launches first “Robocop” robotic police officer


The world’s first operational robot police officer was officially introduced into the Dubai police force at the 4th Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC).

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Dubai Police Robot used at mall and tourist sites. People can tap a touchscreen on the robot’s chest and pay fines. Also report crimes to, so far, delegate to human police service-people.  Apart from being able to chat with people, the Robocop can also shake your hand and offer a military salute

Features of Robocop

Dubai police “Robocop” customized service robot from Pal Robotics. It is around 5-foot tall and weighs a 100kg. It can not only identify hand gestures from a distance of up to 1.5 meters. But can also detect people’s emotions and facial expressions and identifies crime and petty offenses. Data collected by the robot shared with the transport and traffic authorities.The Robocop can speak in six different languages.

However, Police plan to have the robot patrol “high-density” areas of the city. While this robot will simply scan crowds, shake hands, and accept payments.


Dubai authorities are emphasizing on military technology. Because they are looking to replace 25 percent of police staff by robots by 2030. UAE officials hope that the robot’s participation in the police force will increase with time, as technology advances.

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The GISEC is organized to bring together over 6,000 top security professionals to discover cutting-edge solutions. Moreover,share insights with industry experts and equip themselves with the right tools. Which can protect their businesses from rapidly-evolving cyber attackers.