AMD’s new AM4 motherboard software cures overclocking situation


AMD announced a new AMD Generic Encapsulated System Architecture (AGESA) for improving Ryzen’s memory over clockingsituation.

AM4 motherboard software

AM4 motherboard makers use AMD’s AGESA to build new BIOSes. The software adds 26 new RAM tunings for tweakers to fiddle with.

The AGESA version expands the available memory speed options. You can push RAM all the way to 4000MHz without changing the system’s reference clock now, and do so in 133MT/s intervals, enabling a far wider range of overclocked speeds.

AMD’s new software can allows the memory command rate at one ticks or two ticks before Ryzen motherboards were limited to 1T.

AMD’s announcement to dig deep into the dozens of new memory options and key improvements for virtualized PCs coming to the Ryzen platform soon.

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AMD says, it has distributed AGESA to motherboard partners already. Look for BIOS updates to start arriving in mid to late June, though Gigabyte’s GA-AX370-Gaming 5 and Asus Crosshair VI Hero motherboards already have beta BIOS updates available.

Early rapid-fire BIOS updates quickly improved the stability and performance of AM4 motherboards, while AMD pushed a driver patch in April that added a new “Ryzen Balanced” power plan for Windows that also added some gaming oomph.

These tweaks can’t come fast enough, either Ryzen’s truly big guns, the monstrous 16-core Threadripper CPUs and Epyc processors for data centers, are rolling out over the coming months.