Fitness Trackers imperfect in tracking burned calories


The fitness tracker have become more valuable. Everyone are aware of their health by using trackers analyzing the calories burnt .But fitness trackers  can be assumed as fashion apparel to men and woman.

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Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine conducted study on new fitness trackers. The Study revealed that most fitness trackers measure heart rate accurately, but give inaccurate calorie measurements.

Fitness Trackers Measure Heart Rate Accurately

Evaluated seven of the most popular fitness wearable’s, including Basis Peak, Apple Watch, Microsoft Band, Fitbit Surge, PulseOn, Mio Alpha 2, and Samsung Gear S2. The tests were conducted on 60 participants 31 women and 29 men who wore the trackers. While performing exercises such as running and walking on a treadmill, and cycling on a stationary bicycle.

The participants fitted with standard medical equipment. Which doctors use to measure heart rate and calorie loss accurately at the same time. To measure a subject’s heart rate the researchers used an electrocardiograph. A device used to detect the oxygen and carbon dioxide in one’s breath and then calculates the calories burned.

Researchers revealed with a precision of over 95 percent six of the fitness trackers were able to measure heart rate accurately. Some of the brands were better at heart rate measurements than others but overall, all the devices reported relatively accurate data on heart rate.

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Incidentally, the skin color and body mass index of the wearer affected the heart rate measurements.

Fitness Trackers Give Inaccurate Calorie Measurements

Although, the heart rate measurements were relatively accurate.  Found that none of the wearables provided correct data regarding energy expenditure or calories burned. Even the most accurate tracker was off by 27 percent. The fitness band which performed the worst in this department was 93 percent inaccurate in its readings.

Researchers stated that although technology companies claim to put the trackers against extensive testing to ensure they deliver accurate data. This may not be the case in reality. The veracity of these tests remains circumspect after the study’s results.