Apple’s new AI chip in mobile could create a new level of intelligence


The iPhone maker on all developments regarding future products. Apple working on a chip called the Apple Neural Engine. Dedicated to carry out artificial intelligence (AI) processing on its mobile devices.

The addition of this type of capability would begin the use of AI on mobile devices. Although already being used extensively to power digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. These technologies rely on computer servers to process data sent to them rather than the processing happening on the mobile device itself.

Role of AI in Mobile

Augmented reality and digital assistants are not the only applications of AI that will become important on mobile devices. Once the capability made available to all mobile application developers it brings new types of capabilities to mobile devices.

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However, specific AI hardware greatly speeds up the process called “machine learning” and allows for more sophisticated types of AI to be used. Google’s AI hardware, called the Tensor Processing Unit, is 15 to 30 times faster than the fastest computer processors (CPUs) and graphic processors (GPUs) that power computers today. These TPUs were what gave Google’s DeepMind its ability to beat the world champions of the Chinese game of Go. These TPUs also have vastly improved Google’s automated language translation software, Google Translate.

The AI in mobile software is going massively increase the potential usefulness of that software. The phone a part of a self-directed ecosystem of intelligent and autonomous machines, including cars. Not only is the driving of autonomous cars completely dependent on AI to function. It is likely that people will eventually share the use of these cars when needed, rather than owning one themselves.

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AI will again be essential for managing. How this sharing functions to manage the most efficient distribution of cars. Directing which cars need to pick up which clients. To do this, the scheduling AI service will need to liaise with AI software on everyone’s phones.

Similar technology already implemented in smart home appliances, but as software. The addition of special AI chips will allow them to be much faster and to do more