IBM, Cisco partnership fight against cybercrime


IBM, Cisco partnership

IBM and Cisco are working together to help customers improve their cyber security efforts. The two companies will collaborate across certain products and services, sharing threat intelligence as well.

Jason Corbin, from IBM, said, Cisco and IBM have been partnering at various levels for a long time. Now, the two companies will work more closely together is in sharing threat intelligence.

The partnership also has product integrations to help authorize organizations, to benefit from the joint capabilities of the two companies.

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Essentially, a pair of Cisco applications that will run on top of the IBM QRadar security platform. The applications will bring Cisco’s Threat Grid and AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) to IBM, enabling users to benefit from advanced analytics.

Threat Grid

IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) will also be integrated with Cisco’s Threat Grid platform to pull in indicators of compromise (IOC). Cisco acquired Threat grid in 2014 to help its own malware analysis capabilities.

IBM supports Cisco in its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings. For starters, a joint offering will help enhance security in public cloud services.

IBM Security will provide Managed Security Services in support of Cisco security platforms in leading public cloud services.

Also, IBM’s X-Force threat intelligence team and Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence group will work together on new research and established best practices.

The two enormous security vendors now working more closely together and integrating more tightly, will reduce complexity and enable security teams to react faster and more efficiently.