Google sheets use machine learning for building better charts


Machine learning

Google announced Google Sheets spreadsheet application would be getting a machine learning upgrade, allowing users to more easily and quickly visualize and share their data.

The new features could help users find useful insights in their data, and making it more valuable to the business in the process.

In the new update, users ask questions in natural, conversational language to perform data analysis and gain insights.


Explore will also be the tool through which users perform data visualization, allowing them to build charts and graphs with a natural language request.

The new visualization features will work well with the data syncing among G Suite apps that Google introduced last year.

G Suite users can instantly sync charts, graphs, and tables from Sheets to other apps like Docs or Slides. Tables will also now be easier to update among apps.

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Google’s default keyboard shortcuts can now be changed to better fit what a user is used to, and a new preview interface will allow users to look at Sheet data more closely and alter some of the formatting before printing.

A new sidebar simplifies the chart editing experience as well. In addition to making, it’s easier to create and customize charts, also new chart types will be made available.

Google also unveiled a few new spreadsheet functions to help users get more out of their data sets as well.

With the latest update, Google has made to utilize its experience with machine learning to make its apps more enterprise-friendly.

Google also announced its use of machine learning in Gmail to improve security.