Apple announced the next version of macOS: version 10.13 High Sierra


macOS High Sierra

Apple announces next version of Mac operating system, version 10.13 macOS High Sierra, at the 2017 WWDC event in San Jose. The main updates to the OS centered on privacy improvements in Safari, Apple’s web browser.

Craig Federighi from Apple, explain how Safari changes the browsing experience for users in the High Sierra.


Federighi said, new High Sierra is an updated version of Safari that will be the fastest web browser, especially with regard to JavaScript performance.

Safari’s biggest change came with its focus on user privacy while browsing. Safari blocks auto-playing videos, so that users will not have to deal with videos automatically playing when they open a web page.

Mail is also getting an update in High Sierra, uses 35% less disk space to store messages. A new full-screen split view in Mail will make it easier to compose messages.

High Sierra brings simple but helpful editing tools to Photos too, which again sync over all your devices.

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Apple File System (APFS), the new file system that Apple has brought to macOS. Apple claims it vastly improves the speed of actions such as duplication of large files.

APFS boasts better performance, security and reliability. Users who upgrade should see noticeable gains in day to day use.

MacOS also has support for HEVC as the default video container, which will replace H.264. On the graphics side. High Sierra will support H.265 video. Apple also announced Metal 2, the second version of its graphics-rendering framework.

Metal 2 can access external graphics, using a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with an AMD graphics card, which is now available for developers. Metal is also getting VR support. SteamVR is coming to the Mac, along with Unity and Unreal engines, as well.

macOS High Sierra is available in private beta for developers now, and it will be publicly shipping in the fall.