AWS launches Greengrass IoT service



AWS announced the general availability of Greengrass, its IoT services that allows customers to run AWS compute, messaging, data caching, and sync capabilities on connected devices.

The benefits of Greengrass is that the functions users run on their edge devices are built using AWS Lambda, the company’s “serverless” processing service.

Developers can add Lambda functions connect devices, and the code can be executed locally.

Devices can also send messages to other devices without connecting back to the cloud.

Also, Greengrass handles secure connection between embedded hardware and Amazon’s cloud. So, it’s possible for customers to pass data back and forth.


AWS also announced a dozen partners integrating AWS Greengrass into their platforms for devices that come with AWS Greengrass built-in. The partners include Annapurna, BSquare, Canonical, Digi International, Intel, Lenovo, Mongoose, Qualcomm Technologies, Raspberry Pi, Samsung, Technicolor and Wistron.

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Intel announced a new IoT Dev Kit and Greengrass compatible gateways to help hardware manufacturers and enterprises adopt the new services.

Qualcomm said, its DragonBoard 410c development kit now supports Greengrass, and showed customer hardware that integrated with the new service.

Greengrass now available in Amazon’s US East (Northern Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. The service will be available on the cloud provider’s Frankfurt and Sydney regions in the coming weeks.