High school students Develop Straw to detect Date Drugs


A group of students from Miami have developed a simple straw. Straw tests the drink if it is combined with Date drugs or not. The product changes color when it comes into contact with two of the most common “date rape” drugs. The three students won the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge.

The drug most commonly using in sexual assault is alcohol, consumed voluntarily. Practically any drug administered openly facilitates rape considered a date rape drug.

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The invention, called Smart Straws. Designed to be small enough to carry in a purse. while quick and accurate enough that once placed in a spiked drink. The user will know whether or not it is safe to drink. The use of date rape drugs at colleges and universities has been on the rise in recent years. Half of the people surveyed for the development of this product. While it is now thought, one in five women will be sexually assaulted. Over the four years they spend in further education.

The idea for the straws came after the students. The use of traditional drug tests not very practical and rarely used. They initially floated trying to somehow incorporate the test into jewelry. Before settling on using straws instead. This seemed the ideal choice, as it could be easily distributed by students. inserted into small bags or purses. Of those asked, 85 percent of women said they would use the straw.

Types of drugs detected by Straw

The straws change color when they come into contact with two of the most common drugs. using on unsuspecting people in bars and pubs: gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) also known as liquid ecstasy and Ketamine. They plan to add tests for other drugs. Such as flunitrazepam more commonly known as Rohypnol later.

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The company DrinkSavvy has been developing not only straws. But also plastic cups and cocktail stirrers that change color. If and when they come into contact with the three main date-rape drugs. While not yet on the market, they hope to make the products available soon.

In light of the interest that companies and organizations are likely to have in the product, the students are looking at ways to patent their invention, as well as other products that could be developed to expand the range.