Google introduces reCAPTCHA Android API



Google’s reCAPTCHA has evolved from distorted text, such as street numbers, to “I’m not a robot” tickboxes and, to their new invisible system. Now, Google is bringing its bot-fighting program to Android.

The mobile version will launch with Invisible reCAPTCHA, meaning websites will be able to tell not a bot automatically. Which is good news since dealing with CAPTCHAs on small screens is kind of the worst.

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The newest Invisible reCAPTCHA technology, which runs risk analysis behind the scene and has enabled millions of human users to pass through with zero click, said Wei Lu of Google’s reCAPTCHA team. Now mobile users can enjoy their apps without being interrupted, while still staying away from spam and abuse.

Machine learning

Invisible reCAPTCHA uses machine learning and advanced risk analyses to determine a bot or a human without engaging with the users themselves. The technology considers things like your IP address and how you engage with the website to make its assessments.

The reCAPTCHA Android API adds with Google SafetyNet and developers will be able to do device. User evidences in the same API for a more streamlined mitigation of security risks.

Android API is available to developers now and the company says to keep an eye out for the iOS version, suggesting it’s just around the corner.