Logitech releases Circle 2 home security camera


Circle 2

Logitech announced its release of new Circle 2 home security camera. The latest version is an upgrade from the original Logitech Circle camera, introducing more flexible hardware options for customers.

The Circle 2 is built as a weatherproof device from the get-go to establish a more versatile long-term experience for customers. If a customer opts for an outdoor install, Logitech will also be selling a Weatherproof extended to safely protect wires from weather conditions.


The Circle 2 will come in two variants, wired and wire-free, but customers can easily move between the options with available Circle 2 accessories. This creates a modular-like experience, without customers having to buy all new cameras for their usage patterns.

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The Circle 2 syncs with a mobile app (Android and iOS) and records video constantly, delivering footage over a Wi-Fi connection to the cloud. The cloud storage subscription costs $4 (14 days) or $10 (31 days) per month for each camera.

One accessory that particularly stood out in the Circle 2 demo was the Window Mount. With the accessory, users could place the Circle 2 directly up against a window pane and record footage from outdoors without worrying about any lens glares.

Logitech notes that the Circle 2 will soon integrate with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa support is available right out of the gate, allowing users to manually invoke recordings from the home assistant. Logitech’s POP Smart Button is also supported by the Circle 2, enabling quick camera controls.

Logitech’s Circle 2 is available now from Logitech.com with shipping starting in July. The wired Circle 2 is available for $179.99 and the wire-free version is available for $199.99. Both capture 1080px HD video and sport night vision capabilities with up to 180° field-of-view. The accessories range from $29.99 to $49.99.