AWS launches new Auto Scaling feature for DynamoDB


Auto Scaling

AWS (Amazon Web Services) introduced a new Auto Scaling for DynamoDB capability that is designed to automate capacity management of database tables and secondary indexes.

Jeff Barr from AWS, said, administrators can simply specify the upper and lower bounds in order to read and write capabilities for user applications. Also, their target utilization rates and leave it up to DynamoDB to take care of the rest.

New Auto Scaling can monitor tables and indexes in order to handle changes in application traffic.

With Auto Scaling, organizations can get an automatic response when an increase in demand.

Amazon has described the technology as a fully-managed cloud database suitable especially for gaming, web commerce, mobile, internet of things and other applications.

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More than 100,000 organizations around the world currently use the technology for a wide range of uses.


DynamoDB provides a provisioned capacity model that sets the amount of read and write capacity required by user applications.

To change provisioning for applications via API calls or simply by clicking on the appropriate buttons in AWS’s Management Console.

DynamoDB Auto Scaling is optimized for environments where throughput change requests happen in a relatively predictable and periodic fashion.

In such situations, organizations should consider also taking advantage of the in-memory acceleration capabilities offered by Amazon’s DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX).