Former NASA engineer invents nicest car horn ever


NASA engineer

Former NASA engineer, YouTuber Mark Rober has apparently been in our shoes and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The standard horn is very one-dimensional and doesn’t give other drivers context as to why you’re honking at them, Rober said.

He hopes his horns will change that, letting other drivers understand user intentions by the sound of horn whether that’s to look away from user smartphone and get going or to move out of the way to avoid an accident.

nicest car

The first of the horns is what Rober calls the “courtesy honk.” It’s a high-pitched toot-toot to alert the driver ahead of user of a green light without coming off as too upset.

Another honk is even nicer than the courtesy honk. It sounds like a noise an alien would make when it tries to contact humans.

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The third honk on Rober’s new dashboard is quite the opposite of the two already mentioned, an insanely loud train horn that might be the most alarming noise user might hear on the open road.

Rober is a comedian in the video, but he has one major goal with these wonky honkers. He wants to make our roads more pleasant by increasing the vocabulary of the standard car horn.

Some of the parts used include a 12V to 5V inverter for getting the right energy from a car lighter socket, the actual horn buttons, and a 100-watt amp.