New Logitech Mouse Pad Offers Wireless Charging


Logitech’s new G Powerplay mouse and accompanying surfaces both cloth and hard surface. That continuously charge the mouse’s while you play. The mouse pad you choose fits on top of the Powerplay base where Lightspeed receiver is embedded.

The G Powerplay is compatible with two different Logitech mice, the G703 and the G903. The base specs on the mice are the same they support Windows 7, Windows 10, have a 200 – 12,000 DPI variable track rate. The same PMW3366 sensor, and a two-year warranty.

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With new feature Clock Tuning

The difficulty of magnetic resonance wireless power transfer transmitter and receiver need well alignment. Logitech says it has overcome this issue your mouse will recharge anywhere on the pad. Small antennas embedded in the charging base, with enough overlap to ensure there aren’t any charging black spots. They also both have a 1ms response rate, and both appear to use the 2.4GHz band. The primary difference is in how customizable each mouse is. The G703 has six buttons and appears conventional right-handed mouse. While the G903 has 11 buttons and an ambidextrous frame meant to work with either a left-or-right handed grip. The G903 also features something called clock tuning. Appears to adjust the mouse’s polling rate based on what kind of work you’re doing with it.

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Logitech claims that this allows the device to run up to 32 hours straight on a single charge. Integrated software app will keep an eye on the mouse’s power level and inform you when it’s getting low. No Mac compatibility listed, for one thing, and the idea of the wireless charging causing no interference to wireless data transfer for mouse to communicate with PC certainly to test. If it works as advertised, though, I’d grab one of these Powerplay pads and never look back. It even comes with a choice of hard or cloth surface to suit your mousing preferences

Mouses are available without G PowerPlay system, the G703 priced at $100 and the G903 at $149. Powerplay is $100 system on its own, so the price for a compatible mouse + mat is going to clock in at $200 / $250 depending on model.