Cisco unveils Control Center 7.0


The new Control Center 7.0 addresses the flexibility needs of businesses with a multi-tiered IoT platform that gives them options to meet their specific needs. To meet the growing demand for IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, Cisco offering better analytics and greater security features.

Cisco Jasper to offer tiered features and premium services that integrate traffic segmentation, security and support for low-power end points. There are also premium services such as the Threat Protection & Smart Security (TPSS) that provides an IoT-specific solution to protect against malware and other cybersecurity threats, and Traffic Segmentation, a solution to support different types of revenue generation models

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The company is launching Control Center 7.0 that will offer a standard and premium version. Cisco Jasper’s customer base includes 11,000 enterprises, but the company is looking to add more companies and accelerate IoT deployments.

Cisco Jasper’s model will revolve around per device per month charge. The company isn’t disclosing pricing details. Its IoT platform has more than 43 devices being managed with 1.5 million new end points being added each month. Control

New Features included in Control Center 7.0

Advanced features for security, automation and analytics. On the analytics front, Control Center 7.0 will have reliability dashboards as well as usage monitoring tools. With IoT deployments, there are hardware, software and maintenance costs, but connectivity charges are a key line item to monitor.


Premium services threat detection and security service built on Cisco’s Umbrella platform. Segmentation for different types of traffic do service provider can add business models and services. The new networking architecture, which leverages artificial intelligence and claims to detect security threats with 99 per cent accuracy.

Support for multiple low-power connectivity options such as NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Of those features, the traffic segmentation could be a win for enterprises. For instance, connected auto customers could use Cisco Jasper to segment traffic and offer services on the network. The aim would be to boost conversion for digital services in the auto.

Control Center 7.0 is an effort to combine Jasper’s platform with other Cisco technologies. Like previous versions, the Cisco Jasper platform will primarily be sold through service providers such as AT&T.

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Intent-based networking allows IT to move from traditional processes to automating intent, making it possible to manage millions of devices in minutes crucial to helping organizations navigate an expanding technology landscape, said the company, which posted revenues of close to $50 billion last year.