Now Facebook’s ‘Find Wi-Fi’ Feature on Android


Facebook started the Find Wi-Fi feature of its main Android app on a global level. The platform designed to facilitate the process of discovering public Wi-Fi hotspots. Essentially mimicking a service offered by many local administrations and third-party developers.

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Where Facebook differs from its competitors is in its ability to amass data. More than two billion users on the planet. Many businesses being more than willing to share login information for their Wi-Fi hotspots social media giant. That’s essentially what the Find Wi-Fi feature is a list of wireless connections shared by its owners.

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The very nature of the functionality should help a wide variety of people. From travelers visiting foreign countries to those who are close to hitting their monthly mobile data.  But still don’t want to be too conservative with their Internet usage and Facebook users. Simply find themselves in areas with poor cellular coverage. The latter is especially important in developing countries where Facebook has been testing Find Wi-Fi since last year.

The social media giant didn’t clarify new functionality distributed to owners of Android smartphones and tablets through a client-side update over the Google Play Store or  server-side switch.But seeing how the Facebook app itself wasn’t officially updated since Wednesday, the latter scenario is more likely.

In developed markets like the U.S., that could mean more remote, rural locations, but in emerging markets, it’s an even more powerful tool as users often have limited data plans, and spotty cellular coverage in general.

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After making sure that you’re running the latest stable build of the app, open the “More” tab from its main menu and locate the “Find Wi-Fi” option. Shows map of nearby hotspots  transformed into a list, depending on your preferences. Refer to the gallery and video beneath this writing so see how the new functionality works in practice.