Yoga pants powered by machine learning


The Firm wearable X has designed a new yoga pants developed by machine learning and also controlled by smartphones. It involved a lot of studying the anatomy, working closely with yoga instructors. Developing the right mix of materials from conductive wires typically used in bulletproof vests to the right chip for the sensors.

Nadi X is a line of activated yoga apparel that listens & responds to your body, guiding you through your yoga flow. These pants are designed with embedded technology. The pants have five sensors sewn in to help the wearer improve form for 30 different yoga poses.

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Once in a pose, the sensors vibrate in specific ways to tell you how to adjust your hips, knees or ankles. For downward dog, for instance, the pulses guide a person to ground the ankle and lift the knee.

Sensors vibrate in specific ways to adjust your hips, knees or ankles

Unlike the majority of wearable fitness items out there. NadiX isn’t intended to gather feedback about steps, calories or heart rate. The firm working for two years to bring NadiX to life. But the pants come with a hefty price tag: $299. NadiX went on presale this month. The pants to ship in August. The team is also working on a top with three sensors to pair with it.

The pants, manufactured in Sri Lanka. Machine washable and powered by a removable, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes. The battery connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. Lets people choose the level of yoga they’re going to be practicing.

Using vibrational feedback, the pants encourage you with gentle pulses around the hips, knees & ankles. Connect to your smart phone and your pants will do the work.

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Meanwhile, available in Midnight (solid), Midnight (with mesh), Black/White (with mesh), & Navy/Gray (with mesh).  It cannot store individualized data but will collect topline data like whether someone is a heavy user of NadiX or if their pants aren’t working.