Young adults using gadgets leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


People are more interested in using mobile phones and other gadgets for several long hours. Especially students use their mobiles phones handy always. New study suggests using devices for longer hours may show early signs of developing the painful condition carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Researchers found that young adults who spent an average of 9 hours a day. Using mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers. Reported more pain in their wrists and hands than their peers who spent less time each day using electronic devices. In the new study, the researchers looked at young adult’s use of a slew of devices, and used ultrasounds to spot any problems within the hands at an early stage.

The carpal tunnel is a narrow space in the wrist. It contains wrist bones and transverse carpal ligament across the wrist where the palm and forearm meet. Tendons and the median nerve pass through this space to your hand. The median nerve supplies feeling and some movement to part of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve-related condition that causes numbness, tingling and pain in the palm of the hand and wrist.

It occurs when there is swelling in a narrow passageway in the wrist known as the carpal tunnel, which puts pressure on the median nerve, a major nerve in the hand. This puts pressure on the median nerve and causes pain, tingling, and other symptoms.

The researchers defined intensive users as those who said they used their electronic devices for at least 5 hours a day. Half of the participants fell into this group. When the researchers calculated how much time these students actually spent using their devices, they found the average was about 9 hours a day. Those who were not intensive users spent about 3 hours a day, on average, using their devices. About 92 percent of intensive users complained of pain or discomfort in their hands or wrists, but only 25 percent of less frequent users experienced pain, according to the findings.


Pay attention to form and posture. Loosen up tight grips on gaming devices and avoid applying too much force when typing. Avoid keeping the thumb and fingers in a flexed position for long periods of time. This advice is especially important when using only a single hand on a device, White said.

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Take frequent breaks. Build in regular rest periods to gently stretch out your hands. The rest of your body and give them a break from constant activity. Recommended taking a 5-minute break for every 30 minutes of device use.