Google ‘PAIR’ improves AI and Machine learning



Google has unveiled a research program geared towards improving how humans interact with artificial intelligence (AI).

PAIR, or People + AI Research initiative will bring together people across Google from researchers in professionals to look at all the different ways AI can be used and how people can interact with AI systems.

PAIR devoted to advancing the research and design of people-centric AI systems. According to Google, the new project looking at three key user needs which are how AI used as a tool in everyday life, how it works for professionals to make their jobs easier, and how practical AI development taught to engineers.

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open-source tools

PAIR has opened with the launch of two open-source tools, named Facets Overview and Facets Dive visualization tools. The tools aimed at giving software engineers a clear view of the data they use to train AI systems.

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Google claims to extend the current use of AI by building systems with people in mind at the start of the process, a technique termed as “human-centered machine learning”.

PAIR also working towards goals like open research platforms and transparency in AI studies. Both initiatives appear to have some overlaps with other like-minded groups, like OpenAI.

The two open-source tools improve how datasets viewed. The tools give developers details on their datasets that can help how their training data are falling short. It leads to issues in AI bias. The effects of the training data lead to biased AI made clear in Microsoft’s racist and sexist Tay AI.

More open source tools sure to come out of the initiative as well as other pushes towards transparency. The project led by Google Brain researchers said, we’re building open source tools that everyone can use, hosting public events, and supporting academics in advancing the state of the art.