Dell develops a new version of its Endpoint Security Suite for air-gapped systems


Dell announced a new version of its Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise offering that can deploy in air gap environments. The promise of air gap environments is improved security by virtue of physically isolated and disconnected from the public internet

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

The tech giant said, the Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise looking to keep air-gapped systems stable and protected against insider threats, malware, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

While, air-gapped systems are not connected to the internet or unsecured networks may be considered more secure than standard PCs. But, still they vulnerable to threats in several ways.

Researchers demonstrated that malware can leverage several methods to exfiltrate sensitive data from air-gapped systems, including through noise, LEDs, heat and radio frequencies.

Since, isolated systems not connected to the Internet, the security products cannot automatically receive regular malware definitions and other updates. By teaming up with Cylance, whose mathematical models only require a few updates per year. Dell has developed a solution that can protect a device without requiring an Internet connection.

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data encryption capabilities

In addition to threat protection features, Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise provides data encryption capabilities designed for securing files on any device against both external attacks and insiders.

IT teams can enforce encryption policies on multiple endpoints and operating systems without disrupting productivity. The product also includes web protection, filtering capabilities.

The new air gap version currently available in three styles. One for systems with an Internet connection, one for devices that connect to an on-premises server for updates, and one for systems that completely isolated.

Highly-regulated organizations and government agencies need to deploy air gap solutions to protect their highly sensitive data. But, unable to take advantage of the latest security technology that requires cloud connections, said Brett Hansen, vice-president of Endpoint Data Security and Management at Dell.

The new air gap version now available in the United States and other select countries around the world.