Now Users can share documents in WhatsApp


WhatsApp now allows users to share any type of documents in its messaging platform. The feature first spotted in beta version is now rolling out for all release. Android users can send files up to 100MB in size while web users can only send files up to 64MB. But reports suggest that iPhone users can send slightly larger files.

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The latest Android update shows the feature available for everyone. However, while some reports suggest it has also already landed in the iOS incarnation. But the feature isn’t mentioned in the recent release notes.

Document sharing with support for the doc, CSV, ppt, txt and other document file types. The new update, rolling out via Google Play Store, allows users to send any kind of file including zip files or APKs of mobile apps.

Users can see all of their pictures and videos in the in-app camera by swiping up. The social messaging platform rolled out automatic albums feature last week for iOS. Groups a collection of five or more photos or videos received in a conversation. WhatsApp will also retain original quality of the images and stop compressing photos altogether. WhatsApp users can easily change their text to bold, italics or add strikethrough by long pressing the text.

Being able to share the actual original file. In all its uncompressed glory, could be a minor game-changer for those wishing to share high-quality media files. But it is worth noting that when you share. For example, an original photo, it doesn’t display in chat as a photo you’ll just see the raw file name.

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New update comes in the midst of rumors that the service will be getting an option to recall messages. The feature has been spotted in beta versions of android, iOS and Windows Phone apps and is expected to start rolling out first on iOS in the coming weeks.