LeakerLocker, an Android ransomware leak users personal information to all their contacts


A form of Android ransomware which threatens to send the victim’s private information and web history to all their contacts.


Dubbed LeakerLocker, the malicious software is being spread through bogus apps on the Google Play store. Once installed, the malware claims to have made a backup of personal images, messages, browsing history and other sensitive information.

In less than 72 hours this data will send to every person from your telephone and email contacts list. To abort this action, you have to pay a modest ransom of $50. The ransomware was discovered by experts at California-based computer security firm McAfee.

The virus was found in two apps on offer in the Play store, called Booster & Cleaner Pro and Wallpapers Blur HD. McAfee issued a warning in recent days against downloading the programmers.

CopyCat, an android malware infected 14 million devices, rooted 8 million last year

unauthorized backup

This malware extorts a payment to prevent the attacker from spreading a victim’s private information. ‘LeakerLocker claims to have made an unauthorized backup of a phone’s sensitive information that could leaked to a user’s contacts unless it receives a modest ransom.

Users who install the malware will see a pop-up message. The message contains details of the data it claims to have stolen. It also holds instructions on how to pay the ransom to ensure the information deleted.

LeakerLocker, the third in a series of malware-related reports this past week. It was reported that an Android malware, named SpyDealer, had the ability to steal a user’s personal data from over 40 popular apps that include Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and more.

The tech giant reported to work on an Android ‘panic button’ that would help users exit a potentially malicious app and back to the home screen. Already, it tests on Android 7.1 Nougat.