IEEE Spectrum releases 2017 top programming languages


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An IEEE Spectrum’s latest ranking of the hottest programming languages puts Python ahead the rest, but Apple’s two-year-old Swift is now a top 10 contenders.

The open source Python language climbed two places in IEEE Spectrum’s fourth interactive programming language ranking, to take out the top language in the current ranking, based on the typical Spectrum reader.

The ranking app displays the most popular app by different weights, such as demand by employers, popularity on open source projects, or a custom view. The remaining top 10 languages in descending order were C, Java, C++, C#, R, JavaScript, PHP, Google’s Go, and Apple’s Swift.


According to IEEE Spectrum, its ranking system is based on 12 metrics from a range of sources, including Google Search, TIOBE rankings, GitHub, Reddit, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow.

The ranking meant to serve as a guide for students and professionals investing in the right skills. In this sense, developers would appear safe targeting the top five, but also get a grasp of fast rising languages like Google’s Go and Apple’s Swift.


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The top four languages, Python, C, Java, and C++ close in popularity and remain unchanged from the previous ranking. Meanwhile, Swift’s rise the demise of Apple’s Objective-C.

The order shifts slightly weighted for demand by employers. Here, Java leads, followed by C, Python, C++, JavaScript, C#, PHP, HTML, Ruby, and Swift.

In open source projects, HTML has entered the Top Ten there, rising from 11th place to 8th. Though some might argue HTML is a markup rather than a language. IEEE Spectrum defends its inclusion since HTML used coders to instruct computers to do things.

The open source ranking also leads by Python. Filling out the top 10 in descending order were C++, Java, C, Swift, C#, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, and Go.

More information: [IEEE Spectrum]