New customers Drone registration in UK


The UK government has announced plans to introduce drone registration and safety awareness courses for owners of the small unmanned aircraft.

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It will affect anyone who owns a drone which weighs more than 250 grams (8oz). There is no time frame. Firm plans as the new rules enforced and the Department of Transport. And admitted that the nuts and bolts still have to be ironed out.

The plans also include the extension of geo-fencing. For no-fly zones programmed into drones using GPS co-ordinates, around areas such as prisons and airports.

Providing Vital services in Police and fire in search and rescue operations

But like all technology, drones misused. By registering drones and introducing safety awareness tests to educate users. We can reduce the inadvertent breaching of airspace restrictions to protect the public.

Our measures prioritize protecting the public while maximizing the full potential of drones,” said Aviation Minister Lord Martin Callanan. Increasingly, drones are proving vital for inspecting transport infrastructure for repair. Aiding police and fire services in search and rescue operations, even helping to save lives.

Similar registration rules in the US were successfully challenged in court in March 2017 and as a result are currently not applicable to non-commercial flyers.

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There has not been a significant accident involving a drone yet, but there have been several reports of near misses with commercial aircraft. Incidents of drones used to deliver drugs to prison inmates.