Microsoft planning to kill its famous paint app after 32 years


Microsoft Paint

Microsoft is preparing to kill off Paint. The company revealed that the iconic graphics editing app no longer in active development, and removed from Windows altogether.

Microsoft Paint introduced back in 1985, and featured on every version of Microsoft’s computer operating system. Though it was never the most capable program, it was easy to use and familiar to millions of people.

Starting life as a 1-bit monochrome licensed version of ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush. It wasn’t until Windows 98 that Paint could save in JPEG.

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new 3D Paint app

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft introduced the new Paint 3D, which installed alongside traditional Paint and features 3D image making tools as well as some basic 2D image editing. But, it is not an update to original Paint and doesn’t behave like it.

Now, Microsoft announced that, alongside Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list, Microsoft Paint signaled to death adds to the features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update list.

The most recent version of Paint for Windows 7 and later much improved, but still considered feature poor compared to other free alternatives such as the third-party Paint.NET.

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When Microsoft Paint will officially remove from Windows has confirmed. While, a precise date for the release of the Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update is equally up in the air. Whether windows users will celebrate or decry Paint’s removal, it will moment in the history of Windows as one of its longest-standing apps put out to pasture.

The updated Paint 3D designed for use with Microsoft’s Surface Pen. Which lets users draw more natural and detailed pictures than were ordinarily possible in classic Paint.