Adobe accidentally leaks cloud-native editing software ‘Project Nimbus’


Adobe Project Nimbus

Adobe previewed its next-generation photo editor, Project Nimbus, which focus on cloud storage and simplified editing controls, telling users to expect a beta sometime in 2017. Although, some users of Adobe’s Creative Cloud recently had access to an “internal only” download of Project Nimbus on both Mac and Windows devices.

Since a few Creative Cloud users could download Project Nimbus, Adobe quickly fixed the leak and confirmed it as an accident.

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French site MacGeneration described Project Nimbus as a complement to Lightroom, not a replacement, and ultimately said that the interface is much closer to Lightroom for iPad than Lightroom for Mac / Windows. MacGeneration also compared Project Nimbus closely with Compared to Lightroom, which does not replace but complete. The interface less loaded and there is no segmentation in modules.

editing tools

The editing tools are not all stacked in the right column, there is a palette of tools to the Photoshop which includes half a dozen general tools.

  • Basic tools (light, color, effects, details, optics, geometry);
  • Refraction;
  • Correct;
  • Brush;
  • Linear gradient;
  • Radial gradient;
  • Options (copy / paste settings, view original, return to original, display histogram, single panel mode, edit in Photoshop).

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Project Nimbus is not a substitute for Lightroom, which should continue to evolve on its own. But, iCloud photo library in Adobe sauce. It remains to see whether this new service will adopt by the usual users of Lightroom and attract new customers.

The leak provided information on cloud storage included with Project Nimbus. Which give users 1TB of storage in the cloud to facilitate the software’s goal of cross-platform editing. During the announcement, Adobe specifically described Project Nimbus as “cloud-native,” with non-destructive image edits that saved across all platforms.