Qualcomm develops AI optimization software for mobile


The chipmaker Qualcomm processors account for 40 percent of the mobile market. It has developed a software development kit for AI to embed in future mobile phones. If you’re building an app that uses AI for, say, image recognition, you can integrate Qualcomm’s SDK and it will run faster on phones with compatible processors.

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Moreover, From last September it’s been working with a few partners on developing the SDK. This is a software development kit (or SDK). Moreover, helps developers optimize their apps to run AI applications on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 and 800 series processors.

First company to integrate its SDK is Facebook

The company says one of the first companies to integrate its SDK is Facebook. It is currently using it to speed up the augmented reality.By filters in its mobile app by using the Neural Processing Engine. Qualcomm first announced the Neural Processing Engine a year ago as part of its Zeroth platform.

In addition, the SDK works with some of the most popular frameworks for developing AI systems. Including Caffe, Caffe2, and Google’s Tensor Flow. Qualcomm says it’s designed not only to optimize AI on mobile devices. But also in cars, drones, VR headsets, and smart home products.

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The basic task of the software is to allocate tasks to different parts of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset. However, depending on whether developers want to optimize for battery life or processing speed. For example, they can draw on compute resources from different parts of the chip the CPU, GPU, or DST.