Alcohol consumption reduces risks of diabetes


Frequent alcohol consumption associated with reduced risk of diabetes in both men and women. Alcohol consumption over 3-4 week days giving the lowest risks of diabetes. Examined the effects of drinking frequency on diabetes risk, and also considered association with specific beverage types.

The present study by Professor Janne Tolstrup and colleagues from the National Institute of Public Health of the University of Southern Denmark. Light to moderate alcohol consumption in terms of amount. Consumed associated with a lower risk of diabetes. Compared with abstention in men and women. Heavy consumption is associated with a risk greater than or equal to that of abstainers.

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To reduce the risk in the results. As consequence of current restraining habit chosen because of health issues. The individuals drinking alcohol at frequencies of less than 1 day per week, 1-2 days/ week, 3-4 days/ week and 5-7 days/ week. Frequency of excessive drinking reported as never less than one day per week and once or more per week. Consumption of specific beverage types wine, beer and spirits coded as less than one drink per week. 1-6 drinks per week and 7 or more drinks per week for women and 7-13 and 14 or more drinks per week for men. Beverage specific and overall average weekly alcohol amounts calculated.

Consuming between 1 and 6 beers per week gave a 21% lower risk of diabetes in men. Compared with men drinking less than 1 beer per week. While beer not associated with diabetes risk in women. Found no statistically significant association between average weekly alcohol amount of spirits and diabetes in men. In women having 7 or more drinks of spirits per week was associated with an 83% increased risk of diabetes.

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When compared with women consuming less than 1 drink of spirits per week.  Regarding beverage type, moderate to high intake of wine associated with a lower risk of diabetes. This might be due to a beneficial effect that polyphenols in wine have on management of blood sugar. Taking red wine in particular a potential protective impact. Men and women who consumed 7 or more drinks of wine per week had a 25-30% lower risk of diabetes. Compared with those having less than 1 drink of wine per week.

In terms of weekly alcohol amount, the current findings mirrored those of previous studies the lowest risk of developing diabetes being found in individuals consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. Men consuming 14 drinks per week were found to have a 43% lower risk of diabetes relative to no alcohol intake, and women consuming 9 drinks per week had a 58% lower risk compared with women who did not drink at all.

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In terms of frequency, the data revealed that consumption of alcohol 3-4 days a week gave the lowest risk of diabetes a 27% lower risk in men and a 32% lower risk in women. When compared to individuals drinking less than one day per week. The study found no clear evidence of an association between binge drinking and diabetes risk, which the authors suggest may be due to low statistical power since few participants reported binge drinking.