Samsung’s new LTE modem technology can achieve a maximum speed of 1.2 Gbps


New LTE modem technology

Korean manufacturer Samsung developed a new LTE modem technology for its next-gen mobile processors which support 6CA (carrier aggregation). The new technology can achieve a maximum speed of 1.2Gbps of downlink speed, enabling smartphone users to download full-length HD movies within 10 seconds. Users can enjoy buffer-less video calls and mobile live-broadcasting.

Woonhaing Hur, from Samsung Electronics, said, with the increase of high-quality online content services, the demand for high-performance LTE modems continue to rise as well. The 1.2Gbps maximum downlink speed with 6CA support highlights Samsung’s leading design capabilities and positions for the upcoming 5G era.

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Carrier aggregation (CA) combines a given number of component carriers with various bandwidths, improving data transfer rates and network performance. By increasing the aggregation capability, Samsung’s new modem will offer more stable data transfer too, not just faster ones.

Samsung Exynos 9 (8895)

Back in March, the Samsung Exynos 9 Series (8895) SoC presented its Cat.16 LTE modem with 1.0 gigabit (Gb) downlink speed and the industry’s first 5CA support. Samsung invests over $18bn to expand its memory chip and smartphone business over the next four years. Working with telecommunication measuring instrument provider Anritsu, to enable its Cat.18 6CA technology to deliver advanced speeds.

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Samsung claims the new technology supports 4×4 MIMO (Multiple-input, Multiple-output) and a higher-order of 256 QAM (Quadrature amplitude modulation) scheme. The new technology will maximize the data transfer rate.

The new Cat.18 6CA-supported LTE modem technology expected to be in mass production by the end of this year. It is not clear yet if the Cat.18 modem would come with the Galaxy Note8, which is bound to be announced on August 23.