Oracle enhances larger updates to its cloud suite


The latest version of oracle cloud suite certainly has a more modern look. It’s brand new experience compared to the previous version of the software. The company not only overhauled the design. It also wanted to improve workflows, working to take out unnecessary steps when possible.

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Today, it announced the bi-annual update to its Oracle Cloud Applications Suite.

The cloud suite includes a range of enterprise software including ERP, HR and CRM/CX. While there were a number of changes across the individual pieces, the entire suite got a fresh design.

Visualizations and a different navigation paradigm

As for the ERP piece, the company enhanced the supply chain software that enables companies to track supplies in a manufacturing process. In the CX customer cloud the company is adding brand new functionality. Designed to improve communication between sales and marketing. A challenge that seems to face just about every organization, and one which vendors are forever working to resolve.

Oracle has turned to a responsive design approach, where the interface adjusts depending on screen size. Marked improvement over the previous mobile experience. Used different colors and visualizations and a different navigation paradigm.

Some apps designed specifically for mobile, but some simply presented in the browser, and didn’t always translate well to a smaller screen.

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As Oracle more fully embraces the cloud. Adding new functionality and expanding the product set whenever possible, and this update appears to reflect.  But the cloud version with the twice yearly updates is the more popular now. Customers will have to wait to see these changes, as it tends to be on a much slower update cadence than the cloud.