Foxconn to build self-driving car R&D in Michigan


The company plans to establish a research center engaging in driverless auto technology in Michigan. The Foxconn accounts for 70 percent of the US auto industry’s research and development.

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In terms of self-driving technologies, American tech giants like Google parent company Alphabet and ride-hailing company Uber are already deep in the field.

Three-billion-US-dollar tax break over 15 years

In addition, US President Donald Trump jointly announced a 10-billion-US-dollar investment. To build a flat screen LCD factory in Wisconsin. Project which gives the electronics manufacturer a three-billion-US-dollar tax break over 15 years. This could generate as many as 13,000 jobs

The other automakers such as General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler have their headquarters established. Japanese carmakers Mazda and Toyota have also announced a partnership to build a $1.6 billion plant in the US.Foxconn didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment

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However, the Foxconn plans come to fulfillment remains to be seen. Previous reports highlight that there’s a possibility they could still fall through, noting a Foxconn plan in 2013 to build a $30 million Pennsylvania factory never materialized.