300 Intel drones to perform light show in night sky


The amazing experience with 300 Intel drones performing some animated sequences in the sky. The light show is planned to be the highlight of the country’s 52nd birthday celebration National Day Parade.

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The drones incorporated with LED lights coordinated to show animation sequences in the sky. Flying at some extent to create images like the Singapore map. The organizers have utilized Intel to provide the sequences in the sky.

Intel’s New Technology Group improving its light show drone system, named Shooting Star. The drones are flying closer to each other with the coordination. Further, drones need to be automated to know their place in relation to the other. And to make it possible for the drones to take off with one pilot controlling them. The system needs to be precise enough to control such a large group of drones across a bigger area in sky.

However, it isn’t Intel’s first time at creating a 300 drone show. And late last year, the team has already organized an 500 drone show in Germany and celebrated setting a Guinness World Record

Still, there is a chance the show may not happen. during rehearsals the group of drones could not fly because of a loss of GPS signal.

GPS signal issue was beyond Intel’s control, but declined to specify what the problem was. But that also means it may be out of Intel’s full control should the problem occur again tomorrow.

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Moreover, loss of GPS signal caused by factors such as rain or cloudy day, with cloud cover blocking of signal connectivity between the ground base and GPS satellites.