Now check your water contaminants with Drinking Water Database


The citizens in US from rural and urban wants to know the exact information about water. The type of water utilized locally in their counties. It is easy to get information about water with just a ZIP code or by your area Utility name.

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The database contains results from testing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted and completed in 2015 which includes tests on 50,000 water utilities in all 50 states. Results from water tests done by state agencies.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released its new Tap Water searchable database that allows users to learn what’s in their tap water. The EWG is an independent group based in Washington, Mainly targets on public health and environmental issues.

Chromium-6 found in drinking water in all 50 states

In the whole tests conducted 270 contaminants present in drinking water across the country. Eight contaminants, including arsenic and lead, were reported in all 50 states. The database contains information along with government contaminant regulations and recommendations from the latest scientific studies.

But in many cases, the levels of contaminants that government regulations allow are higher than what current research suggests is safe. Moreover, Limit for arsenic in water according to EPA is 100 parts per billion (ppb). However, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment in California suggests that a safer limit would be 4 parts per trillion (or 0.004 ppb).

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In the case of chromium-6, considered as element chromium. But not all types are harmful. The government looks only at overall chromium levels.

The element Chromium-6 linked to tumors in animal, also responsible for increased risk of stomach cancer in workers exposed to the compound. The other similar compounds Chromium-3 considered mostly harmless.

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In addition, people recommended to use good water filters to lower levels of contaminants in drinking water. As a part of the database, the EWG also offers recommendations on different types of water filters.