Intel’s 8th generation Core CPUs will launch on August 21st


Intel 8th generation CPUs

Intel will announce their 8th generation Core processors and associated architecture code named ‘Coffee Lake’ on August 21st. Intel has typically launched a new processor in the summer/fall time frame for the past half-decade. And, the company revealed that should expect the 8th generation processors in the second half of this year.

Intel’s Coffee Lake processors is a further evolution of Skylake and Kaby Lake, and its predecessors. The company already confirmed that these 8th generation processors will also make in their 14nm process.

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Intel says that gamblers watching its Facebook Live unveiling to learn about Coffee Lake’s “blazing fast” performance and VR credentials. Also, while catching a glimpse of some of the ‘amazing system designs’ based on 8th-gen Intel Core processors.

Coffee Lake systems

The company also confirms that the first Coffee Lake systems will be available later this year. Start planning for what new 8th-gen Intel Core processor-based device to purchase in the holiday season and even before.

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The upcoming core processors will have too many surprises in store, as alleged specifications for Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs appeared online last month. The leak also signals apart with a 3.5GHz base clock speed, but capable of boosting 4.3GHz on at least one core, and a 12MB level-3 cache. All three parts support DDR4 with 2400MHz integrated memory controller frequency. Only the cheaper of the three parts not offer DDR Overclocking.

Intel’s 8th-gen chips originally supposed to appear in 2018 on the 10nm fab node. It will produce on current 14nm facilities, but Intel publicly claimed that these Coffee Lake processors will be 15 to 30 per cent faster than its previous generation Kaby Lake chips.

According to rumors, Intel will begin production of the 8th-gen CPUs this month. The company’s Facebook Live launch event will take place on 21st August at 5pm UK time.