Amazon into new MATS food technology


Amazon developing a technology to produce prepared food without need of refrigeration for US military.

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The company discussed to sell ready to eat dishes like beef and vegetables from next year. These dishes are easy to stock and ship offered cheaply compared with restaurants.Finding new ways in grocery business with $700 billion.

The food tech, known as MATS (microwave assisted thermal sterilization) developed by researchers at Washington State University, and marketed by a startup called 915 Labs, based in Denver. These process involves placing sealed packages of food in water with pressure and heating in microwaves for several minutes.

Improved food quality for soldiers in combats

Packages are put in pressure cookers unlike traditional way for up to an hour till bacteria largely gone. The dishes retain original flavor and can store for one year.

Finally, MATS technology has come up with efforts by the U.S. Army’s Natick laboratories to improve food quality for soldiers. Washington State University received U.S. funding and became the research hub for MATS. In addition the company sold out machines to the Australian government and to food companies in Asia.

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Amazon invited the startup MATS after knowing at the SIAL Paris food trade show last year. The company has also filed for a trademark for meal-kits made fall in shares of Blue Apron Holdings Inc.