Footage of clouds by rover on Mars


The footage reveals the movement of clouds on mars by rover. Scientists have already observed the clouds on mars by implementing different missions this footage gives the accurate outcome.

The movements captured in black and white image format with the navigation camera known as NavCam. The images in low quality transmitted by Mars rover on July 17.

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The clouds are probably similar as clouds in earth but these are made of crystals of water ice. Concentrated out of dust grains when it’s cold in the atmosphere. NavCam has taken 64, two sets of eight images. One set captured pointing towards southern horizon and the other pointing upwards to the sky.

Clouds moving in 15 mile per hour

The images combined together by York University in Toronto, Canada and made clips to show clouds moved over a time. This video shows three images taken clouds moving from the northeast.

However, the clouds are thought to be about moving in 15 mile per hour winds. these sequence of clouds near equator known as aphelion cloud band. This phenomenon occurs annually on Mars during aphelion season.

Further, crystals in clouds fall and evaporate in patterns known as ‘fall streaks’ or ‘mare’s tails said by John Moores from York University in a statement.

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Moreover, the clouds often timed with the planets elliptical orbits. On mars clouds are not present the clouds appear nearer the equator when mars is farthest from the sun.