Intel’s new SSDs can store up to 1 petabyte of data


Intel new SSDs

Intel unveils a brand new form factor for solid state disc drives (SSDs). Intel Optane’s new “ruler” format allows up to a petabyte of storage on a single 1U server rack.

Although, the new formats emerging all the time, but this one seems particularly, coming as it does at a time when exceeded the need for an SSD take up even a standard 2.5-inch space, most of which is air.


However, using 3D-NAND, the ruler crams in even more data and provides more stability with less chance of failure with data loss. The company promised that the Ruler will have more bandwidth, and lower latency than SAS.

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Bill Leszinske, vice-president of Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), said, we are in the middle of an era of major data centre transformation, operate by Intel. The latest new form factor SSDs and dual port SSDs are long line of innovations, to make storing and accessing data easier and faster, while delivering more value to customers.

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Data drives from Intel storage innovations like these ensure incredibly quick, reliable access to that data. There’s no set date for the “ruler”, but the newest drives arriving in standard formats (SATA, SAS and M2).

Intel also announced a range of “hard drive replacement” SSDs. The S4500 and S4600 have the highest density 32-layer 3D NAND on the market. The SSDs specifically aimed at data centres move to solid state simply and if necessary, in stages.