Cooling paint on pavements to beat heat in Los Angeles


The temperatures are high in summer and it is strenuous to walk on the roads in hot sun. As considered in Los Angeles regularly 100 degree Fahrenheit is recorded.

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The city comprises up to 4million homes. To overcome problems a new method used to help the pedestrians in Los Angeles. The workers are coating pavements with cool paint which reduces the reflection of light to eyes. Also reduces soaring in hot climate.

Decreased 12 degrees Fahrenheit on single coat

The black asphalt which absorbs 95 percent of sunlight. And gray cool paint decreases the level of ground temperature and reduce the heat in urban streets. Moreover, It dropped the ground temperature up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit on single coat during the demonstration.

George Ban-Weiss, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California, said cool pavements a good approach in reducing heat, but “may have some environmental penalties.”

Finally, In California Los Angeles is the first city to test the treatment on a public road after initial trials on parking lots.

Alan Barreca, an environmental science professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, said However, the pavement cooling technology could be more fair than current methods like air conditioning.

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“Not everyone has the resources to use air conditioning, so there’s concern that some low-income families will suffer,” he said. “