McAfee’s new virtual security platform for AWS


Popular computer security firm McAfee announced the launch of the new virtual security platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Which provides advanced protection for businesses operating in the public cloud.

virtual security platform

The new virtual Network Security Platform (vNSP) designed to secure workloads on AWS against advanced malware which can reach a business through various channels, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection attacks and botnets. The threat in these instances grows if one virtual server is compromised as malware transfer to other vulnerable machines in the same customer environment.

According to McAfee, the new vNSP works at the individual workload level. The visibility of inter-segment traffic cancels out single point of failure risk and uses security resources more than traditional methods.


AWS covers a lot of security of the cloud, but users still responsible for their cloud security, including securing their operating systems, applications and data traffic, said, Shishir Singh, GM of the Network Security business unit at McAfee.

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While firewall configurations are important to address exploit prevention, malware protection and gain visibility into the lateral movement of threats. With McAfee Network Security Platform, users can move beyond the basics to more sophisticated protection of their cloud network.

The security giant allowing free early previews of the technology in 72-hour long test drive trials. Users can able to conduct tests to imitate real-world cyber-attacks, configure policy and review the reporting dashboards.

Already, McAfee has extended to Intel Security to stand alone once again following its acquisition by Intel in 2010.