Muscle Protein Involved in Sleep disorder


The scientists have conducted research and concluded that sleep disorder caused due to the protein in muscles.

The researchers at UCLA found that a skeletal muscle protein decreased lack of sleep in mice. These leads to the treatments for insomnia and sleep disorders. It doesn’t involve through the blood and brain.

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The team changed levels of the protein Bmal1. Higher levels of the protein in their skeletal muscles recovered faster from sleep deprivation than those with less. These evidences revealed the protein in muscles interconnected with the brain and influence sleep patterns.

Bmal1 Protein component influencing sleep in Mice

The mice kept awake for 24 hours and brain activity measured with an electroencephalogram. The protein Bmal1 is six times as much in their muscle are less sleepy than those with less of the protein.

Next protein Bmal1 is completely removed from mouse genome and found influenced the mice’s sleep behavior. The mouse without protein component no longer reverted quickly from sleep deprivation. Now scientist’s wants to know the negative consequences raised due to increase or decrease in the level of Bmal1 protein in muscles.

The sleep cycle is most important because genetically the changes in body growth occur in sleep at night. There are one third of Americans suffering from sleep disorders. The sleep disorders increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart and mental stress.

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In addition we have many therapeutic methods and treatments for sleep disorders, the research needed to understand to apply these method influenced on humans.