Tech companies request U.S. Supreme Court to improve cellphone privacy


The technology giants and the wireless operators in the United States seek Supreme Court. To make difficulty in government official’s access to the individual sensitive cell phone data.

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Most of the companies together filed a 44 pages petition with the court. One should get a police warrant before obtaining users cellphone data. The petition signed by Apple, Twitter, Snap and Google mentioned that several huge data gathered through digital services. To protection and maintain the data privacy laws required.

The judges have agreed to hear the appeal by Timothy carpenter convicted in 2013 in armed robberies of Radio Shack and T-Mobile stores.

Thousands of requests for cellphone location routinely granted.

However, the case is growing its inspection of the surveillance practices of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies and concern among lawmakers across the political spectrum, civil liberties and police evading warrant requirements.

However, Verizon’s participation important, that it receives thousands of requests for cellphone location records every year from law enforcement. The requests are routinely granted.

Civil liberties lawyers have said police need “probable cause,” and therefore a warrant, to avoid constitutionally unreasonable searches.

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Finally, the companies said in their brief the Supreme Court should clarify that when it comes to digital data that can reveal personal information, people should not lose protections against government intrusion “simply by choosing to use those technologies.”