Norway going to build world’s largest green data center


world’s largest data center

A Norwegian American startup, Kolos planning to build the world’s largest data center in Norway. The data center builds at Ballangen in northern Norway, with four tails and cover 600,000m². Current record holder in Langfang, China (585,000m²), although smaller than Google’s planned center in Nevada. The Nevada data center will use 100% renewable energy, but only need up to 650MW.

Energy consumption is the biggest problem faced by data centers today. Around 3% of the world’s global electricity usage being accounted for by the massive computing centers. Kolos project will be the largest green data center in the world, as 100% of its energy will be powered by hydropower and wind.



The Nordics, a popular location for data centres, and power is cheap and renewable, and the climate assists with cooling. Kolos will draw only 70MW of power, but within a decade it will have added enough capacity to pass 1,000MW.

Håvard Lillebo, CEO of Kolos, said, in northern Norway, we have Europe’s cheapest power, which is also 100% renewable. Moreover, Ballangen has extremely good access to dark fiber, which is a prerequisite for running data centres. The Kolos site is surrounded by water and hills to protect against any physical risks.

Kolos data centre has a good effect on the nearby community and provides new jobs, direct and indirect. The project will directly create 2,000 to 3,000 new jobs and indirectly support 10,000 to 15,000 jobs as a result of people moving to Ballangen.

Recently, Kolos raised investment from a Series A funding round, involving Norwegian investors to be worth “several million dollars”. The firm also working with a US investment bank for remaining funds.