Amazon donated 1,600 Echo Dots to Arizona State University


Amazon has donated Echo dots for ASU to encourage first-year students practice voice interface development skills on consumer hardware.

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ASU has organized a new program known as Tooker house. The students who opts this program Echo dots given with developer kits to help and add technology to the university curriculum. Any student from out of Tooker house in ASU’s engineering school get admitted in one of three fall courses that teach concepts like voice user interface development, which includes Alexa skills.

Alexa Developer Skills Kit

The students supported to independently develop Alexa skills outside the classroom using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). By incorporating into student project programs. To solve needs in the local community.

There are more initiatives and partnership previously not entirely successful. Unified school district has implemented similar program with apple. By providing iPad to the teachers in school. This program stopped due to improper training and contract issues.

ASU’s program more likely to succeed directed toward engineering students, and centered on a piece of hardware not a replacement for an item used for university’s learning experience. Amazon opened up certain backend functionalities to all. Also offered to pay developers who create Alexa skills in the US, UK, and Germany.

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Moreover, This ASU initiative for Amazon to encourage more people grow Alexa. This time right from the classroom.