New Milk capsules in hot drinks


The researchers have developed milk capsules from milk or condensed milk like sugar cubes dissolves quickly in hot liquids. The process developed by Martha Wellner as part of PhD studies at MLU’s former center of engineering science.

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The capsules made out of milk with desired sugar or non-sweet material acts as coating properties place in mould. After temperature comes down the sugar moves to the adjacent corners and form crystals. The milk solution filled up in interiors. researchers made two type of milk capsules sweetened and low sweetened.

Capsules method also used for Fruit juices

Furthermore, the capsules produced in different shapes and stored at room temperature. After the process capsules not damaged even stored up to three weeks. This method is used also for fruit juices. However, the patents registered for the process in 2015.

Joachim Ulrich Professor of Engineering came up with the idea of the encapsulation process years ago. Team started research on crystal formation processes for many years. Finding different ways to apply them in industry, for production of pills.

The development has a lot of potential applications. Moreover, Capsules could replace the small, coffee creamer pack used in great quantities at conferences or on air travel.

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In addition, investigated for capsules maintaining all necessary legal requirements for groceries in general. The hassle-free containers produced as industrial products.