White house lifts ban on bottled water at National Parks


The bottled water ban removed by the trump administration at some national parks. The policy implemented by former president Barrack Obama to overcome the pollution caused by plastic water bottles.

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The ban uplifted to help and make convenience for hydration to hikers, visitors and recreationalists at national parks. Further, IBWA dropped the decision as identifying the importance of convenient bottled water. Available to the people from around the world who want to stay well-hydrated while visiting national parks.

Garbage recycled by Grand Canyon National Park is 900 tons

The water industry fought back with the Park Service’s for banning water bottles and allowing sugary drinks. IBWA analyzed the bottled-water consumption to the soda consumption at parks. However, visitors still allowed to carry bottled water and food items in plastic into parks. Its analysts argued that the Park Service claims that the ban had eliminated massive amounts of waste.

Every year American tourists dispose 50 billion plastic water bottles at national parks and using the taxpayer dollars to clean and maintain the tourist site. These issues became burden in spending million dollars. During the production of plastic bottles 20 billion barrels of oil required and generating pollution leads to global warming. Garbage recycled by Grand Canyon National Park is 900 tons. 30 percent of it was estimated to be comprised of water bottles.

The Zion National Park program encourages visitors to drink from reusable water bottles. In addition, 5,000 pounds of plastic prevented entering the waste stream. The filling stations giving information about disposable bottles, as well as the safety and the importance of staying hydrated.

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However, the Park Services in statement said the parks will use both bottled water and water stations to serve visitors.