Walmart applies patent for floating warehouse for deliveries via drones


Walmart warehouse

Walmart applied a patent for warehouse to deliver products via drones. This could be the latest move to take its e-commerce business to the next level. The machine could fly as high as 1,000 feet, and it operates either autonomously or remotely by a human pilot.

The patent explains, gas-filled carrier aircraft’s and methods of dispersing unmanned aircraft systems in delivering products.


In a retail environment, need the customer service or convenience for the customer. One aspect of customer service is the availability of products. The availability of products depends in part on the distribution of products. However, the product delivery location can cause undesirable delays, can add cost and reduce revenue.

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Already, Amazon granted a similar patent last year. The two companies growing its digital presence and Amazon beefs up its real estate portfolio to acquire grocery chain Whole Foods.

In October, Walmart filed another patent that treads on Amazon’s turf, a system similar to the internet giant’s Dash buttons, which reorder everyday goods in one click.

The floating warehouse allows Walmart or Amazon to serve a wider distribution area than their current real estate allows. Now, the race is on to see which company can make the technology work before the other.

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Walmart has already stepped up its patent filings, many of which focus on web development and easing shopper’s through the store. Also, the company filed a patent for in-store drones that would ferry products from the backroom to the sales floor.

Earlier, Target, a technology transportation company, announced plans to acquire Grand Junction that will speed Target’s same-day delivery service to more homes.