In Canada genetically modified salmon fish sold


The company named AquaBounty technologies in Massachusetts developed genetically salmon fish. It announced on 4 august that 4.5 tons of fish sold to the customers in Canada.

AquaBounty has achieved the success after 25 years.For the first time on the open market. Aqua Bounty sold it for market price of US$11.70 per kilogram.

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The company maintained fish tanks in panama and genetically improved fish known as Atlantic salmon to grow faster reaching the market standards in size and weight in span of 18 months. further, the company is expanding to a new site in Canada at Prince Edward Island. The officials have approved and construction to start in June 2018.

First Bio engineering technology developed by AquaBounty in 1990

AquaBounty waiting for approval from US regulators to stat production here. It took over other fish farms in Indiana, Albany

Scientists demonstrated the fast-growing fish in 1989. The growth-hormone gene from Chinook salmon applied. By genetic regulatory elements from a third species, the ocean pout. Meanwhile,the manipulations genetically enable the salmon to produce low level of growth hormone.

However, AquaBounty salmon grown in tanks, no chance of many of the pathogens and parasites that often trouble salmon raised in sea cages. First the Bio engineering technology developed by AquaBounty in 1990.At last, it took 25 years for US regulator and FDA to approve consumption of salmon in November 2015.

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The genetically engineered fish good for the economy. Can be grown near metropolitan areas rather than importing from overseas. In addition, getting back fish farming jobs to the United States and Canada.